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TrueVUE Reporting

Reporting runs from a web browser, providing actionable dashboards and reports designed to maximize inventory accuracy and on-floor availability of RFID-tagged products. Additionally, they supply important operational and compliance information to keep all RFID stores running on track. At the Enterprise level, TrueVUE Reporting displays historical summary data from multiple stores, while site-level reporting focuses on individual store performance. Users are granted different levels of access to specific reports based on their assigned role. Standard reports can serve as a template to be modified and saved, and compatible third-party created reports can be imported to TrueVUE

Inventory Visibility

Real-time Inventory Availability

Cycle Counting Results & Compliance

Replenishment Needs

Shipping & Receiving Transactions

Display Execution

Fitting Room Optimization

Storefront Visibility

TrueVUE Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager empowers organizations with RFID deployed in multiple locations to remotely manage and operate the individual site RFID networks from a central location. Data collected from sites is “rolled up” to the Enterprise Manager, providing visibility into RFID and workflow data across the entire organization.


TrueVUE Administrator

Administrator helps retailers manage software configuration, user interface and security options to meet the unique needs of their organizations. From report design to tailoring apps to creating business rules to applying custom branding, TrueVUE Administrator organizes and simplifies complex configuration tasks.


TrueVUE Essentials Mobile

Essentials Mobile extends the power of RFID to employees who interact with customers, helping them drive business value. Mobile RFID workflow apps run on most popular handheld mobile devices. Inventory Cycle Counting supports multiple simultaneous users and both visual and audio cues assist store associates. “Smart Counts” help narrow focus on a subset of merchandise for targeted counting efficiency. Product Locator enables virtual searching across multiple locations, or physically within a single store, using a handheld reader in Geiger mode. Other productivity apps include Receiving, Transfers, and the ability to link and write tags. Mobile-optimized reports interactively guide restocking and promote on-floor availability and sell-through.


TrueVUE Commissioning

Commissioning manages Electronic Product Codes (EPC), unique serialized numbers for every RFID tag in use, helping a retailer generate and distribute EPCs across the enterprise for all merchandise.


TrueVUE Exchange

Exchange provides a powerful development interface of standards-based web services. This enables customers, partners and integrators to easily and securely exchange data between TrueVUE and third-party systems and applications.

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