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T​he Magnetic RF Bottle Tag provides secure anti-theft protection for a wide variety of bottled wine and spirits. This versatile hard tag features an adjustable multi-strand stainless-steel reinforced strap that attaches to assorted bottle neck sizes for a strong visual deterrent. Its small form factor does not interfere with brand promotion or product merchandising, while its intuitive design is quickly and easily applied and removed, helping improve in-store operations.

  • Strong visual deterrent protects bottled wines and spirits without damage
  • Minimizes impact on store merchandising and brand promotion
  • Easy applicatoin and removal ensure ease of use at POS
  • Promotes open merchandising for increase sales

    Technology: Radio Frequency (RF)


    • Tag: 36mm (1.41in)
    • Lanyard: 167 + 5mm (6.57 + .20in)

    Weight: 19.5g (0.144lbs)


    • Tag: Light Gray
    • Lanyard: Off-White

    This product is in conformity with RoHS II Directive 2011/65/EU and REACH Substances of Very High Concern as defined in Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and subsequent amendments to both.

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