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The 3-Tone Mini Alarming Lanyard provides audible anti-theft protection for merchandise that cannot be protected with a pin-style tag. The integrated lanyard cable with a stainless-steel pin provides superior defeat resistance for items such as shoes, handbags, luggage and sporting goods. Its small size does not detract from high-end items, yet provides a strong visual deterrent. The alarming feature reduces risk of theft when protected merchandise is out of staff’s view. The tag will emit an audible alarm if defeat is attempted and will alarm the AM pedestal system if protected products pass through the detection zone. For additional security, the tag itself will alarm if removed from the store. The tag alarm will stop once the battery is depleted or the tag is reset.

  • 3-tone alarming feature provides the highest level of security for high-risk merchandise
  • Small footprint does not interfere with the shopper experience
  • Integrated lanyard secures items unable to be protected with pin-style tags
  • Promotes open merchandising for increased sales
  • Battery life warranty reduces operational and replacement costs

    Technology: Acousto-Magnetic (AM)


    • Length: 65mm (2.56in)
    • Width: 33.2mm (1.3in)
    • Depth: 18.2mm (0.72in)

    Cable Length:

    • 101.6mm (4in)
    • 120cm (47.24in)
    • 150cm (60in)

    Weight: 30.39g (1.07oz)


    • Black

    Regulatory Compliance:
    This product is in conformity with RoHS II Directive 2011/65/EU and REACH Substances of Very High Concern as defined in Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and subsequent amendments to both.

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